Cornish Jubilee Time Line Commemoration 1991 to 2000

The major events that have taken place in or relating to Cornwall 1991 to 2000


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Begun as a Platinum Jubilee project covering the period of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II reign, following conclusion of the Jubilee this project will continue adding to the years covered and also to the content for each year with events from throughout Cornwall. This is an ongoing project, a positive working legacy of the 2022 Jubilee.

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First Windfarm in Cornwall - The Delabole wind farm, located in north Cornwall was the first commercial onshore wind farm built in the United Kingdom, in November 1991. It is currently operated by Good Energy Group PLC , a British renewable energy company


Pirate FM launched. The station was launched in 1992 under the name of Pirate FM 102 


Tate, St Ives Opens in June 1993, The Tate Gallery In St Ives first opened it’s doors and in just six months, The Tate welcomed over 120,000 visitors – 50,000 more than the original target for the entire year. 


Newquay Zoo gets bought in 1994 by Mike Thomas and Roger Martin, and for the next nine years was privately owned. One of the highlights of this time in the 1990s was the revolutionary partnership with St Austell College. This partnership established and developed an educational facility on land adjacent to Newquay Zoo, catering for BTEC and HND studies. 


Cornwall Marks VE Day at 75 in 1995. There were big celebrations throughout Cornwall to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of World War Two. 


The Royal Cornwall Yacht Club unveiled plans for a £250,000 Yacht Club to an entire audience for the local residents and the press. 

The planning application was submitted to Carrick Council and composes of a 59 metre jetty with floating hammer-head pontoon; a dinghy hardstanding twice the size of the existing one and a lecture room and an amenity block. 


March of the Cornish People in 1997, a commemorative march named Keskerdh Kernow (Cornish: "Cornwall marches on") retraced the original route of the Cornish from St. Keverne to Blackheath, London, to celebrate the quincentennial (500th anniversary) of the Cornish Rebellion. 


Newquay Zoo Prints a Paw.  Paw Prints the Newsletter of Newquay Zoo Officially Volume 2, issue 1 – January 1998 – “Free to all animal adopters”.  The First Issue was released.  Mike Thomas wrote a Windswept Editorial. 


Cornwall Eclipse. Cornwall had never experienced anything like it since 1927


Cornwall's Wet Autumn The autumn of 2000 - September to November - was the wettest on record over England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as over the UK as a whole (in a series from 1914). Over Scotland it is the ninth wettest autumn in a series from 1914. There is an England and Wales rainfall series from 1766 and the value for autumn 2000 is the highest in this series. Heavy rain brought further flooding in south Wales and from Cornwall to Kent