Cornish Jubilee Commemoration 1952-2022

Cornish Jubilee Time Line Commemoration

Here we look at major events that have taken place in or relating to Cornwall over the 70 years marking Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's reign 1952 - 2022

1952 to 1960

1961 to 1970

1971 to 1980

1981 to 1990

1991 to 2000

2001 to 2010

2011 to 2020

2021  to 2022

Begun as a Platinum Jubilee project covering the period of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II reign, following conclusion of the Jubilee this project will continue adding to the years covered and also to the content for each year with events from throughout Cornwall. This is an ongoing project, a positive working legacy of the 2022 Jubilee.

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