Newquay Local History & Community Month – 2021

Local History & Community Month

Local History and Community Month runs throughout May each year and is promoted by the Historical Association. 'The aim of the month is to increase awareness of local history, promote history in general to the local community and encourage all members of the community to participate.'

As part of this month long event Newquay Museum together with Newquay Library will be carrying out a project to promote aspects of Newquay and Cornish history and heritage. Their will several short videos relating to Newquay and Cornwall produced by museum partners Newquay Old Cornwall Society and Association for Cornish Heritage. These will be promoted and shared on posters throughout Newquay by Newquay Library.

Newquay Library has for a number of years worked with Newquay Museum and collaborated on a number of heritage projects and events within the library. Due to COVID restrictions on indoor activities during May we will be unable to carryout the usual library exhibition. The museum and library partnership will be using digital technology to share these videos using posters with QR codes that can be scanned by taking a photo using a mobile device such as a smartphone. These will take people straight to the YouTube video, which can then be viewed on their device. Older devices may need to download an app from the app store.

There will be a series of these posters brought out during May and will be located on windows at Newquay Library, Newquay Museum, Visit Newquay an on the Newquay Town Council notice boards throughout Newquay. Video links will also be provided on this webpage.

This is an introductory trial video from an earlier project with Kernow Goth and Lowender Peran compiled and published by Association for Cornish Heritage. It helps illustrate the new digital project that is being carried out in Newquay through a collaboration between Newquay Library and Newquay Museum, sharing Newquay's historic heritage. Several new videos will be added from the 1st May as part of this month long project.

YouTube Video - Early Newquay to c1900

Scanning the above QR code will open the video on the right onto a mobile device, such as a smartphone.

Posters distributed around Newquay during Local History and Community Month with their own unique QR code will link people scanning the QR code to a new video about a Newquay topic. sharing this way provides much more information than a poster especially whilst indoor activities are restricted.

The videos and QR codes will be released every Saturday throughout May. Keep an eye out throughout Newquay on the council notice boards, Newquay Library, Newquay Museum and Visit Newquay at the Tourist Information Office.

Click to open new page with a video on those posters with QR code or scan the QR code with a mobile device camera

Local History Month Poster - Week ONE - Bakers Folly, Lewinnick Cove, Newquay
Local History Month Poster - Week TWO - Banqueting Hall
Local History Month Poster - Week THREE - Edyvean Canal
Local History Month Poster - Week FOUR
Local History Month Poster - Week FIVE
Local History Month Poster - Week SIX Bonus
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Newquay Library Service
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Newquay Old Cornwall Society
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Association for Cornish Heritage