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Proper Photography Kernow is based at Newquay Museum in central Newquay, part of the Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri. Our work is with with both film and digital photography and we offer 35mm, 120mm and large format photography.

Services and Costs

  • Black and white film development £7.00
  • Colour film development £10.00
  • High Resolution film scanning 120mm and 35mm from £5.00— JPG £7.00 TIFF files
  • Film Photography 35mm film black and white from £32.00
  • Film Photography 35mm film colour from £35.00
  • Film Photography 120mm film black and white from £37.00
  • Film Photography 120mm film In colour from £45.00
  • Headshot Photography (digital) from £10.00
  • Individual Photography (digital) from £15.00
  • Portrait Photography (digital) from £15.00
  • Day shoots from £30 (digital) from £30
  • Negative holder 50p
  • Film Photography special 35mm black and white includes
  • Development and scans 10% off (available May 1-31)

Download requirement sheet here

Contact Information:

Josh Griffiths

We will be holding an exhibition of our work at Newquay Museum later in 2022. News of this will be shared via our Facebook page and that of Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri