Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri

Following the increase in space within the Kowethas Ertach Kernow area of Newquay Museum, incorporating the Urban Kelt – Celtic Lounge coffee bar, the number of other organisations using the museum for activities has increased significantly. The concept of utilising the facilities as a Cornish Cultural Hub enables multiple groups to share space and resources encouraging cooperation on projects and activities of mutual interest.

Some of these organisations already have a positive track record of collaboration with each other on projects, leading to many positive outcomes and benefiting Cornish cultural heritage.

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History Heritage & Culture / Archaeology (Truro & Penwith College)
Kowethas Ertach Kernow (Association for Cornish Heritage)
Kowethas Kernow Goth Tewynblustri (Newquay Old Cornwall Society)
Newquay Old Cornwall Archaeology Group
Newquay Renaissance Group
Newquay St Pirans Festival Group
Proper Photography Kernow
Quay Frames