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Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri

Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri

The Kowethas Ertach Kernow area of Newquay Museum, hosts the Cornish Coffee Lounge. There are a number of  other organisations using the museum for heritage and other Cornish cultural activities.

The concept of utilising the facilities as a Cornish Cultural Hub enables multiple groups to share space and resources encouraging cooperation on projects and activities of mutual interest.

Some of these organisations already have a positive track record of collaboration with each other on projects, leading to many positive outcomes and benefiting Cornish cultural heritage.


Events are organised by the various groups involved with Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri both individually and as a collaboration. We hope to share as many of these as possible and past events are archived at Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri – Event Archive.

 The Cornish Lounge - Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri

The Cornish Coffee Lounge is based in the Kowethas Ertach Kernow (Association for Cornish Heritage) gallery rooms at Newquay Museum. Here besides providing space where people can relax for some refreshments in a unique setting, numerous events are hosted.

Music, spoken word, reading clubs and all manner of events including illustrated heritage talks provided by knowledgeable Cornish researchers, archaeologists, historians and those practicing a variety of Cornish culture.

Checkout some of our previous events - Click this link - Some of these will be held again due to popular demand.

Urban Kelt Coffee Shop - Where Strangers Become Friends
Tir ha Tavas - The Cornish Year in music and words

The Cornish Year in Words and Music

Thursday 30th June at 7.30pm

Continuing our range of Cornish themed events we are very pleased to have Tir ha Tavas with their new programme 'The Cornish Year in Words and Music'. Hear the Cornish language sung and spoken by Dee and Dave Brotherton, Bards of Gorsedh Kernow, as part of this event. Tir ha Tavas have performed at festivals and events throughout Cornwall and abroad sharing their Cornish themed music.

Preserving Local Heritage

Thursday 23rd June at 7.30pm

First of a series of illustrated talks looking at Newquay and Cornish historic, cultural and environmental themed topics

An illustrated talk given by Sheila Harper lead of the Newquay Old Cornwall Archaeological Group about preserving ancient and historic heritage in the Newquay area. Sheila discusses the historic 9th century village at Mawgan Porth and other sites that the group work on.

Preserving Local Heritage - NOCAG

Blystra Arts - Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri

Blystra Arts is a Newquay based performance art company who put on and create unique arts’ events and performances that are interactive, fun and accessible, designed to engage the whole community. Performance and visual art are the main art forms of the organisation. Blystra Arts is a Community Interest Company, with the main aim of the organisation to cultivate a positive image of Newquay both within Newquay, across Cornwall and to the rest of the UK.

They create community performance pieces and artwork themselves and with groups, as well as promoting other professional arts’ events within their community. Their projects and activities offer Newquay audiences a unique and quirky experience, using the arts to engage and work with groups that are disaffected, disadvantaged or not exposed to much arts and culture activity. Blystra is a collective of artists and practitioners.

Blystra Arts - Snapshots in Time
Newquay Museum - Newquay Old Cornwall Society - Kowethas Ertach Kernow
Newquay Museum - Newquay Old Cornwall Society - Kowethas Ertach Kernow

Newquay Museum - Cornish Cultural Hub Tewynblustri

Newquay Museum is run by volunteers from Kowethas Kernow Goth Tewynblustri (Newquay Old Cornwall Society). We collect, preserve and share knowledge, artefacts, photographs documents and carryout research about the districts historical and cultural heritage. The Newquay Old Cornwall Society areas of special interest cover Newquay and the surrounding parishes of Colan, Crantock, Cubert, St Columb Minor, St Eval, St Mawgan and St Newlyn East.

Museum partner Kowethas Ertach Kernow (Association for Cornish Heritage) have a gallery room which also hosts the Cornish Lounge where people can relax, recuperate and work and take some refreshment. There is a Cornish research room with a wide range of books to help answer any research or general enquiries about Cornwall and its historic and cultural heritage.