This is week one of the Newquay Museum and Newquay Library 2021 Local History & Community Month project. Each week a new video is being added that will share information that we hope will provide new information to views about lesser known aspects of Newquay.

An interesting project undertaken by John Edyvean during the 18th century starting in 1773. Now almost gone through erosion and over building this is a memorial to John Edyvean and what was a futuristic plan at the time. Canal mania would take over England some 20 years later, but Edyvean with his ideas of incline planes, avoiding locks, would be continued for some time. The incline plane can still be seen at Lusty Glaze Beach, Newquay. 

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The St Columb 'Edyvean' Canal a heroic 18th century project

The Monthly Review - John Edyvean